Welcome To Elina Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Business Portfolio

a. Grain Handling & Processing systems
 Grain Storage & Handling System
 Grain Milling System
 Malt Handling System

b. Coal / Ash Handling Systems
 Coal Handling System
 Bio-mass Handling System
 Ash Handling System

c. Solar Photovoltaic Systems
 Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop Installations
 Solar Pumping Solutions

d. Services
 Engineering –Elina Solutions has experience in a broad range of engineering assignments, right from basic to detailed engineering. The company uses proven processes and collaboration tools to develop innovative solutions for difficult problems quickly and efficiently.
 Manufacture, Procurement & Supply: We manufacture, procure and supply equipment and systems in various grades of carbon steel and stainless steel in accordance with required standards.
 Project Management - Project management is at the heart of our ability to execute a range of complex projects in diverse regions. The company provides full support and services for the successful integration of engineering, procurement and construction processes to deliver projects safely, on-time and within budget.
 Construction - Thanks to its highly experienced team of construction engineers who are able to carry-out installation activities in a cost-effective, safe and timely manner.
 Commissioning –Elina Solutions is committed to producing exceptionally reliable plants that meet or surpass clients’ exacting standards of operational output. We have developed our own industry-specific techniques which have contributed to the company’s strong reputation and track record of success.

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